Nafahaat Journal (Sapphire blue colour)


This journal is an Islamic-based gratitude journal focuses on daily reflection and the weekly review. This journal was designed for a 3-months usage and will have 93 days of daily reflections. It also contains vision board, life mapping, monthly and weekly planner for you to plan more productive weeks and months ahead. It is a combination of planners and reflections journal for you to experience the positive impact of writing down your plans, thoughts, worries, hopes and be thankful even for the smallest things in life.



Product Features
1. A5 Hardcover Journal
2. Perfect binding
3. Exclusive Embossed and hot-stamped UV title
4. Undated 3 months journal
5. Full coloured-pages
6. 100gsm simili papers for content
7. Extra bullet pages at the end of the 3 months reflections


How to use
1. All monthly, weekly and daily planner and reflections a designed with open dated, so you are free to start your journal anytime that fits your schedule and lifestyle
2. Each reflection page corresponds to a day, spend 5 minutes per day to answer the reflection daily. Each pages have 4 sections for you to fill out; Gratitude, Intention, affirmation and end-of-day reflections. The first 3 sections are to be written in the morning and the last sections is for night reflections.
3. After the 7th page of daily reflections, there will be a weekly review for you to fill out.
4. At the end of the month, there will be a special section for you to write down your du’a, hopes and happy moment to our Lord. This section is called, a love letter to Allah.


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